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Midway border crossing on secret closure list

Map of Midway including the border; Courtesy of
A leaked government document about the future of Canada's border crossings -- including possible closure, reduced hours, sharing of facilities and remote monitoring --  lists Midway, Cascade, Nelway and Chopaka crossings.
The document, "Small Port Working Group - Initial Results and Paths Forward", was done collectively between Canada's Customs and Border Services Agency(CBSA) and U.S.

Are you a Nomadic Entrepreneur?


Bill works for a company debugging software. Last year Bill started working three days in the office and two days at home. Interestingly, he proved to his boss that he was more productive during the two days at home than he was during the three days in the office. Since then Bill has not only managed to convince his boss that he can work full time from home, but that his home doesn't even need to be in the same city. Bill has just moved and he now works full time for his company in Vancouver from the comfort of his home office in Rossland.

Fewer Lift Breakdowns at Red This Year?

If you spent a significant amount of time skiing or boarding up at Red last season you likely were there on at least one day when a lift or two was broken down. Nothing can ruin a winter day like the tragic combination of amazing conditions and silent bullwheels. Nobody was more frustrated with the less-than-reliable lift service than Red Mtn themselves. Consequently, Red embarked on an ambitious lift audit and re-build process over the summer. They’ve spent nearly one million dollars on the process, and this winter the lifts should be running smoothly and reliably.
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Editorial: Kirkup’s Truncheon

In the world of the sound byte, we may be in danger of losing the meaning of the words ‘argument’ and ‘debate’. The fashion nowadays is for either side in a dispute to stand alone on a (Red) mountain top and loudly declaim the virtues of their own perspective while simultaneously damning their opponents as pathetic, benighted fools. In actuality, the word ‘argument’ should refer to two parties’ attempts to respectfully engage one another on a legitimately disputed topic. Rarely, if ever, is one side on an issue completely right and the other completely wrong.

American War Deserter Given Stay of Deportation in Canada

From Wikinews An American soldier who served in Afghanistan, Jeremy Hinzman was granted a surprise stay of deportation by the Federal Court of Canada one day before he was scheduled to be sent back to face trial for desertion in the United States. The move has put the issue of American deserters who fled to Canada following the 2003 Invasion of Iraq back in the national spotlight.

We Have Seen the Future and it is Paperless

Here are the facts. The average North American consumes about 120 pounds of paper each year. Rosslanders consume close to a half a million pounds of paper per year: 240 tons of paper and newsprint. If that sounds bad, then hold onto your cardboard coffee cup. It gets worse. Here's a list of the resources that go into our 240 ton millstone: • 480 cords of wood • 26 million gallons of water • 2 500 lbs of sulphur • 84 000 lbs of lime • 69 000 lbs of clay • 280 tons of coal • 26 000 kilowat hours of electricity • a quarter ton of dye and pigment.

NDP carves out future for BC with first budget

Over three years, an investment of more than $1 billion will set the province on the path to a universal child-care plan that will make child care affordable for parents and caregivers, create more than 22,000 child-care spaces throughout the province and ensure those spaces meet rigorous quality and safety standards.

Budget 2018 carves a new path to shared prosperity for everyone in the province with a made-in-B.C. child-care plan, a comprehensive housing plan and record levels of capital investment in every corner of the province, Finance Minister Carole James announced today.

“Budgets are not only about the bottom line, they should be about people. That’s why British Columbians are at the centre of every choice we have made in Budget 2018,” said James. “These include historic investments in child care and affordable housing that will be felt for generations.”


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