Rossland election results a clear verdict on Mountain Kingdom's governance woes

Rossland election results a clear verdict on Mountain Kingdom's governance woes

In a resoundingly decisive rejection of the status quo, Rosslanders elected Kathy Moore as mayor yesterday in a victory over Jill Spearn of 1240 to 363. The voter turnout was at 59% after a shabby 37% in 2011.

In terms of the councillor positions, newcomers easily took the most votes with Aaron Cosbey getting 1294, Marten Kruysse with 1276, Andrew Zwicker with 1275, Andy Morel with 1233 and Lloyd Mclellan with 948.

Next, oddly, there's a tie between John Greene and incumbent Tim Thatcher for the last seat on council with 788 votes apiece. The tie will be resolved this week.

Finally, in the wake of outrage that dogged his second term as mayor, Greg Granstrom got 444 votes.


Thank you Kathy More and Greg Granstrom

First an extremely big thank you to mr. Greg Granstrom.

Your  incredible level of incompetence in all aspects of doing your duties as the mayor of Rossland was an strong wake up call to Rosslanders about what could happen if we get to complacent. Thank you very much. It was an expensive price to pay to have you there however maybe the long term result of reacting to your incompetence might ???? be worth the price. Thank you also for leaving your name on the ballot as a councillor. It gave us a splendid opprotunity to help you in the evaluation of your performance.

Let us look at the participation results. What a positive change in itself.

I really liked a slogan that I saw in Rossland
Rossland deserves Moore. What a beautiful play of word.

I am very pleased by the participation rate and even more by the clear mandate given to Kathy Moore and the new councillors. It is nice to elect them but as electorate our job is not done yet. We have to support them and contribute each in our own ways as much as we can. 

I think that we are blessed to have Kathy Moore as mayor. I am sure that she will be able to maximize the talent pool of elected councilors that she has to help her.

This does not mean that every citizen will be 100% happy about all the decisions. However it is our duty to make sure that we keep our communications open with the city council. We should not be afraid to ask questions and present our opinions and/or researches on various topics.

Personnaly I am ready to respond enthousiastically to any call for help from any of the councillors.

Congratulation Rosslanders

Paul Picard


Election Results

Great turnout and the people have spoken.  Change!

Let us not forget the past Rossland Circus:

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