Richard Cannings . . . talked to a lot of New Zealanders about local politics.
by Dick Cannings MP on Jan 23 2017 - 12:24pm

I spent the first weeks of 2017 in New Zealand, celebrating my son’s wedding to a Kiwi girl.  After the wedding, my wife and I drove around some of that beautiful country, enjoying the beaches, birds, wines and green grass of summer.  Fresh apricots in January were a real treat!

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Development between Pinewood and Happy Valley Questioned

Dear Editor, This past Saturday development began between the Pinewood subdivision and Happy Valley. The trail connecting the two has been made off-limits to the public and the developer has said that seven lots will be cleared, though there is only approval for one or two show homes at this point in time. The developer also has a timber mark that enables him to log the property first, thereby circumventing his subdivision application of approval and the tree retention bylaw.

Letter to the Editor: Proposed Ophir Creek Cost Report

Dear Editor, At a meeting of Rossland City Council on Monday 29th September, Councillor Charlton proposed a motion that staff be directed to prepare a report on the costs of the Ophir Creek reservoir and associated projects. This motion was rejected by a 6 to 1 vote. So, what is it that Council (with the exception of Councillor Charlton) doesn’t want to know and by inference doesn’t want the people of Rossland to know about this project?

LETTER: Getting poverty on the election radar

LETTER: Getting poverty on the election radar

 Dear Editor,

We are writing to ask your readers to help us make poverty an issue in this election campaign.  We know the Harper government has the needed funds to reduce poverty, but instead it has chosen to spend billions of our tax dollars for things like the G-8/G-20 Summits, reduced taxes for large corporations, fighter jets and other “big ticket” items which don’t benefit people struggling, and all too often failing, to raise their children and make ends meet.

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