A couple of performances to catch at the Flying Steamshovel

Joey Landreth performing
Joey Landreth performing

The Rossland Telegraph interviewed musician Joey Landreth, who will be demonstrating his considerable skill as a guitarist and singer at the Flying Steamshovel on Saturday, March 4.  Asked how Rossland came to be included in his cross-country tour, Landreth said he has played here before, and  "fell in love with the town," so he asked that Rossland be included in this tour.

Landreth has commented (see the video on his website) that there are only two kinds of music, honest and dishonest.  Asked what marks the difference, he responded that it comes down to intent -- that music doesn't necessary have to reflect personal experience to be honest, but he thinks that the value any kind of art comes down to honesty.

He acknowledged the function of music and other art forms as a way for the artist to work through feelings and events, to make sense of the world and to share that sense with others.  He had referred to the fact that most of his songs are, or seem, sad;  he said that he would write happy music if he knew how.  Asked if he could see anything in life in general or his own life in particular as worth celebrating in song, he agreed  that he can -- and  said that "for the first time ever, there are two happy songs on this record."  But he said that it's much easier for a musician  to "channel heartbreak" than to celebrate life's happy events, and that it may be a matter of experience.  As he gains age and experience, he may produce more joyous music.  He's worth watching.  We'll see if that happens.

Tickets available in advance:  the first 50 sold are (were?) $10; all others are $15.  Doors for this show open at 8:00 pm.

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On Wednesday, March 8, the Flying Steamshovel will host  Australian platinum-selling hip-hop artist Illy.  This performer  was nominated for 6  2016 ARIA Awards (Australia’s version of the Brits or Grammys) including Song of the Year for Papercuts  (featuring Vera Blue) and Male Artist of the Year.

 Illy has won an ARIA Award for Best Urban Album.   A review in the Herald Sun  of  Illy's fifth studio  album, released this past November,  included this praise:  “Two Degrees deftly strikes a balance between party songs and sonic tales of life’s struggles. And sometimes they are both, Illy achieving that Holy Grail of pop music where an upbeat melody disguises a darker lyric.” 

Illy explained the title of the new album:  “President Obama was asked whether he viewed his presidency as a success, having faced such fierce opposition throughout his two terms. His answer likened society to a ship, where you can’t steer 50 degrees at once, but if you move two degrees, then another two degrees, and continue like this, years later you end up in a very different place from where you began. And as long as you’re steering in the right direction, and progressing, your impact is made over time. This album is a celebration of moving forward, two degrees at a time. I hope you enjoy it.”

If you enjoy hip-hop, check him out.  Doors for Illy's performance open at 9:00 pm.

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