Better kids with the natural world? Come to the discussion.

Unstructured outdoor play
Unstructured outdoor play

Parents and prospective parents who are looking for ideas about how to raise a healthier (in every way) young person, here's a source:  show up at the Gold Rush Bookstore -- 2063 Washington Street in Rossland -- on March 9, at 7:00 pm and particpate in a discussion until 8:30 pm.

Spoiler: discussion will be about nature-based educational programs.  For a plain-language summary of the benefits on kids of being outdoors and experiencing nature, look at this document from North Carolina State University.  It will go into greater detail about the improvements in physical health, mental health, academic performance, cognitive function, motor function, eyesight, social relatinships, self-discipline,  stress reduction, and more.

If you're hard to convince about the benefits of the great outdoors, there are many studies available on the beneficial effects on children and youth of greater exposure to the natural world. For more evidence, some of them are accessible thorugh this website.

The organizers of this event say,

"We want to hear from you! We'll be hosting a discussion on the ways we can expand nature-based educational programs in Rossland and throughout the Kootenays. We'll be talking about how we can engage kids age 0-18 with nature and the methods discussed in the book, "How to Raise a Wild Child." No need to have read the book beforehand.

"We want your feedback for future outdoor educational programs in this area!"

Snacks and refreshments provided. Discounts available for the book!

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