Hobnails and Hemp Rope Wednesday at Touchstones Nelson Museum

Hobnails and Hemp Rope Wednesday at Touchstones Nelson Museum

On Wednesday, the public is welcome to Celebrate National Heritage Week with a film screening of the incredible documentary: Hobnails and Hemp Rope at Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History.

This summer, filmmaker Greg Gransden partnered with the Alpine Club of Canada and the Conrad Kain Centennial Society to document this this historical climb - striving for historical accuracy, the four members of the expedition – Thompson, Rob LeBlanc, Garry Reiss and Natalia Danalachi - used only mountaineering equipment from the early 1900s, which included wooden ice axes, a hemp rope, hobnail-soled boots, a canvas tent and vintage woolen clothing.

As part of the Bugaboo Spire Centennial Climb Project, four climbers from Ontario set out to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first ascent of Bugaboo Spire in Bugaboo Provincial Park, BC.

Their goal was to camp and climb using only the gear, food and climbing equipment which Conrad Kain and his party used in 1916.

The documentary film, "Hobnails and Hemp Rope" tells their story. Filmmaker Greg Gransden, Expedition Leader Bryan Thompson, and Photographer Ivan Petrov are touring the country as part of Canada 150 to share their experience.

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