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by Sara Golling on Tuesday Oct 08 2019

Bigger fines in the works for Rossland bylaw-breakers; a Public Meeting on October 29 about the potential Emcon Lot development; improvements to a pathway coming soon -- and more.

Present: Acting Mayor Chris Bowman;  Mayor Kathy Moore (by telephone); and Councillors Andy Morel, Janice Nightingale, and Dirk Lewis.  Staff:  CAO Bryan Teasdale,...

by Charles Jeanes on Monday Oct 07 2019

The moment, the prospects, the significance

This is my second and final column on the federal election at hand.

I write this feeling very uncertain about what Canadians want from politics. I have just recently told a friend in a conversation about the election – one of many –  that I think conservatism in Canada is weak. But I wonder...

It is historical...

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Oct 02 2019

Mainstream media coverage to date of the federal election campaign has led CBC pundit Neil Macdonald to declare, “I can’t get little enough of it.”  No wonder.  Irrelevant distractions, insults, inaccurate accusations, fake videos, false social media memes, a flood of promises that few voters put much faith in anymore, and general nastiness.  Little surprise that so many...

by Rossland Telegraph on Wednesday Oct 02 2019

Southern BC has lost all or most of its formerly numerous wild mountain caribou. Populations are crashing in the BC central interior as well. The Western Canada Wilderness Committee points out that they ...

by Rossland Telegraph on Friday Sep 27 2019

“Thank you all for coming out to support us!  There are so many more people than we had expected,” said one youth representative from the steps of City Hall. Another shouted, “We are Generation Zed! We won’t be stopped!”

The crowd that started outside the Youth Space across from RSS blocked Washington street and one lane at a time of Highway 3-B through downtown Rossland during the...

by Trail Champion on Friday Sep 27 2019

A Trail recycling company has been fined almost $23,000 by WorkSafeBC, according to a report published on the organization’s website.

According to WorkSafeBC, the $22,866.82 fine levied against Montrose-based KC Recycling Ltd, was due to repeated, high-risk violations.

The WorkSafeBC report reads as follows:

“This firm's worksite is a facility that recycles electronic...

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Sep 25 2019

Tackling climate change means purging privilege from politics

Our national political arena often seems dominated by unproductive partisan potshots and misplaced accountability, with corporate interests prioritized over people’s.

Behind the noisy partisan sniping, a quiet majority — 70 to 75 per cent of Canadians — is largely disengaged from politics, according to...

by Rossland Telegraph on Monday Sep 23 2019

Greta Thunberg’s speech to the  UN was transcribed.  Here is the full text.  For the full effect, though, listen to her speech at this link:

In response to the question, “What’s your message to world leaders today?” Thunberg...

by Sara Golling on Monday Sep 23 2019

Current and anticipatory grief

The reality of the continuing extinction of many so species is profoundly upsetting.  Readers may wonder why old people should care.  For example, I’ll be dead in a few years myself;  it will be up to others to live their lives diminished by the loss of caribou...

by aeon on Monday Sep 23 2019

By John Rapley, for Aeon

Two questions: is it good or bad that professional athletes earn 400 times what nurses do, and is string theory a dead end? Each question goes to the heart of its discipline. Yet while you probably answered the first, you’d hold an opinion on the prospects of string theory only if you’ve studied physics. 

That annoys...


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