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Canada and US set for showdown on Columbia River Treaty

The stage is being set for a showdown between Canada and the US over the post 2014 Columbia River Treaty, as the two countries recently stated radically different visions for the upcoming renewal of the cross-border agreement.

The province wants to keep things much as they are with some improvements and more cash flowing from the agreement, while the Americans want to overhaul it from the ground up.

Crocodiles and Ice - A conversation with adventurer and visionary, Jon Turk

In 1971, Jon Turk turned down a promising career in organic chemistry and chose the path less trodden. Turk, 67, has spent the past 40-plus years traveling the world in search of adventure and meaning in a world obsessed with oil, technology and consumerism.

A longtime environmental educator, upon return from his adventures Turk speaks and writes about what he has learned in an effort to raise awareness about the direction in which human culture is headed and the environmental tipping points we are facing in the new future.

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