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Car sharing, come on Rossland put your foot down.

We have a town of more than a 1000 households, an economy where people are tightening budgets, a strengthening green ethic. Ditch the second and third vehicles, now is a good time to consider car sharing in Rossland. Check out for how it works in Revelstoke, Kaslo and Nelson and look out soon for more info on how we can get it going here in Rossland. Membership allows for Vancouver and Victoria carshare access too.

community tenures

I think it's greedy and selfish to want a tenure to try and discriminate against any sort recreational group. I believe there needs to be more clarity on the comment of "unprotected from the uses that may not necessarily jibe with the communities intrests." Who's community? yours, mine? If our idea's of recreation differ does that make one of them wrong. Who makes the decision, a special intrest group? Let anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors in a responsible manner do so. Lets not discriminate against anybody.

The Old Firehall myth

I am writing this because I think it needs to be pointed out how lucky we are to have such a unique place as the Old Firehall wine and jazz bar in Rossland. (I’m not paid by Zak, he has no idea I’m writing this, and I have no financial interest in the bar – but it’s my favourite hangout and I don’t want to lose it.) The myth that I’m referring to is the “it’s too expensive” myth that I hear around town. I agree it is expensive to go out, but the Old Firehall is really no more expensive than anywhere else - especially for what you get.


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