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by Contributor on Tuesday Oct 16 2018

Climate scientists have said that planting trees can help to combat climate change. Some of Rossland's students have been helping with that. 

by Philip Matyszak on Wednesday Oct 03 2018

Having read the challenging piece on May 14, 'You don't have the right to believe whatever you want to', I feel that since the piece was intended to be challenging, perhaps it should be challenged.

The basic premise of the text by Professor DeNicola was that some...

by Contributor on Wednesday Sep 26 2018

By Stephen T. Asma, from Aeon

Religion does not help us to explain nature. It did what it could in pre-scientific times, but that job was...

by Charles Jeanes on Monday Sep 24 2018

All along the watchtower…There's too much confusion, the hour is getting late...                                             Bob Dylan

Here we are in the years… Children cry in fear, ‘let us out of here.’”                                   Neil Young

By Charles Jeanes

So much food for thought, and limited space on the...

by Sara Golling on Friday Sep 14 2018

Recreation is a huge part of Rossland’s appeal; it’s the reason  many of us live here.  There are so many options – and some of them require significant investment from the people who use them, and from other taxpayers.

Maybe we can’t afford to keep them all.  How much are we really willing to pay, and for what facilities?  City Council has some hard decisions to make, and needs to hear...

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Sep 12 2018

My parents married during the Great Depression. After the 1929 market collapse, people had to learn to make do, help each other out and live on meager incomes. Those times were seared into my parents’ attitudes and values.

Although we were all born and raised in Canada, my family was seen as the enemy during the Second World War. Because of our Japanese ethnicity, the government...

by Rossland Telegraph on Tuesday Aug 28 2018

On Sat. Sept. 8th the Rossland Fall Fair will fill the Rossland Arena with live music and entertainment.

The Fall Fair encourages participants to enter garden produce and home-made craft and hobby items in their appropriate categories. Entries must be brought to the Arena on Friday, Sept 7th between noon and 7:00 pm.  All entries are judged early Saturday morning, Sept 8th, ...

by Contributor on Wednesday Aug 22 2018

Article by Skye C. Cleary, from Aeon

Philosophers love to hate Ayn Rand. It’s trendy to scoff at any mention of her. One philosopher told me that "No one needs to be exposed to that monster."  Many propose that she’s not a philosopher at all and should not be taken seriously. The problem is that people are taking her seriously. In some cases, very seriously...

by Rossland Telegraph on Tuesday Aug 21 2018

Rossland’s Flying Steamshovel often hosts musicians who perform in larger centres on their tours.  One example is the East Pointers, a JUNO-award-winning, Celtic-inspired Canadian trio who will play at the Shovel in October.  They’re beginning their fall tour in a few places south of the border, such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Muncie, Indiana, then returning to Canada to...

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Aug 15 2018

The “mid-life crisis” is a well-known phenomenon, often involving snazzy new sports cars, extra-marital affairs, or other impulsive and rash departures from the norm.

Could sexual dissatisfaction be fueling such attempts to spice up their lives?  Middle-aged readers, if you’re less than ecstatic about the changes in your sex lives over the years, you’re not...


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