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August 2017
By Rossland Telegraph on Wednesday Aug 09 2017

How much alcohol should a person be allowed to have in her bloodstream while being in control of a  motor vehicle?  Is there a "safe" limit below which someone is not really impaired, or  not too impaired?

By Southeast Fire Centre on Wednesday Aug 09 2017

More smoke may be seen coming from the Harrop Creek wildfire today (Aug. 9, 2017), as BC Wildfire Service personnel respond to a 15-hectare spot fire that is 750 metres outside of the main fire perimeter.

By Charles Jeanes on Wednesday Aug 09 2017

This continues the discussion begun in last week's column.

Greek Science, Israelite Religion, Human Selfhood

By Bob Hall on Wednesday Aug 09 2017

The Provincial Government’s announcement that tuition fees for Adult Basic Education will be eliminated starting immediately is welcome news for learners interested in upgrading opportunities in the Selkirk College region.

By Sara Golling on Wednesday Aug 09 2017

During  Rossland's  Miners Hall renovation, I was disappointed to see that the new roof is a dark chocolate brown instead of a  more reflective, pale colour that would help to cool not only the building, but also our city.  

By Nelson Daily Staff on Wednesday Aug 09 2017

Nakusp RCMP said in a media release Monday a vehicle may have been located in regards to a missing person file from Revelstoke.

The file started Thursday, August 3 at 12:47 p.m. when Nakusp RCMP received a report that 29-year-old Jared Szabo was missing after the Revelstoke resident failed to arrive the previous evening.

By Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Aug 08 2017

The BC Wildfire Service in a media release Tuesday is reminding the public that they must stay clear of firefighting aircraft that are collecting water from lakes in the Southeast Fire Centre region, including Moyie Lake, Lake Koocanusa and Premier Lake.

The release comes after four lightning fires started in the Moyie Lake area.

By Rossland Telegraph on Tuesday Aug 08 2017

The  more pictures in books for very young children the better, right?  Wrong -- if  a child is trying to learn to read.  Having fewer illustrations to see at one time in a pre-school child's storybook makes it easier for the child to learn to read, according to a study done at the University of Sussex and published in Infant and Child Development, 2017.

By Dr. Brenda Gill on Tuesday Aug 08 2017

It’s been a challenge for most of us to handle the abnormally high temperatures and constant sunshine over the last two months, so drink and eat to be cool!

1.         Drink cooling herbal teas. Many herbs are cooling to the body, so, blend a tea with peppermint or spearmint, put it in the fridge and drink during the day for your fluids. Chrysanthemum tea is also cooling.

By Andre Carrel on Tuesday Aug 08 2017

Scenario: the year is 2007 (or 1997). A political science class is presented with a hypothetical election outcome where parties A and B have each received 40% of the vote and party C the remaining 20%.